This here is my blog.

Why don't I have a blog? 

I never really had a good answer for that, nothing more than a shrug and mumbling about free time and effort. So after toying with the idea of a blog for way too long, I've decided to make it happen. I know my dad will be pleased, since he kept insisting I should write more. Although I'm thinking he meant something more along the lines of Important Journalistic Work, this will have to do. 

This will be a catch-all for all the stuff I think about, want to share with the world and just need to get out of my system. I'll organize it loosely under a few categories -- Create (I want to make a cake, if it turns out alright I'll share a sliver), Read (you should all read/not read this book/article/blog I read), Do (things I've done, obviously), See (hey, look at this photo I took of a porcupine carrying a balloon down a maple-lined boulevard) and Opine (for feelings, whatever those are).